Are You Protected?

Periodically reviewing your insurance policies with a licensed insurance professional is important to make sure you have the proper protection in place. We have created this checklist to help you identify any life changes that signal it's time for a review.  Please contact us with any questions or to schedule a review of your existing coverage.  


Became a parent

or grandparent

  • Increase your life insurance coverage to keep financial promises to your children, no matter what.

Married, remarried

or divorced

  • Add or remove names from life and auto policies.


a new car

  • Assure all drivers are properly covered.
  • Get a second opinion on deductibles and liability limits.
  • Make sure you have all coverages at the limits required by your lender.


a new home

  • Assure property limits are adequate for replacing the home, its contents and other structures on the property.
  • Review earthquake, mine subsidence, flood and other overlooked coverage risks.



  • Make sure mortgagee clauses are correct to avoid problems that could delay payments toward a claim.

Moved your parent(s) in with you

  • Increase your life insurance coverage amount to help pay for parents' care if something unexpected happens to you.
  • If they own a vehicle, you may save them money by adding them to your household.

Recently changed jobs or lost benefits at work

  • Determine if life and disability coverage is “portable”.  If not, replace any lost coverage with new policies.
  • Consider rolling your 401(k) savings to an IRA.

Recently retired or plan to retire soon

  • Consider reducing the miles driven on your auto policy or switching to pay-per-mile rates.
  • Compare available Medicare options to current group health plan or work retiree health plan (if available).
  • Review living benefits options of current life insurance policies.

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